David Mejia

David Mejia
Graduate Student Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures / Institute for Comparative Literature and Society (ICLS)
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    Casa Hispánica
    612 W. 116th Street
    New York, NY 10027

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    (212) 854-8075
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David holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and a B.A in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature from the Universidad Complutense. He has a Master's Degree in Contemporary Culture from the Ortega y Gasset Foundation, where he graduated with a Master Thesis titled "Relativism as critical criteria in Postmodernism", directed by Antonio García Berrio.
David received a fellowship from the Rafael del Pino Foundation to enroll in the MA in Hispanic Cultural Studies here at Columbia University. He later received an offer of admission to join the Ph.D program.
His current research focuses on late XIX and XX century peninsular culture and intellectual history.