Mariana-Cecilia Velazquez

Mariana-Cecilia Velazquez
Graduate Student Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures
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    B-06, Casa Hispánica
    Department of Latin American & Iberian Cultures
    612 W116th Street
    New York NY 10027
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Holds a B.A in Comparative Literature, Universidad de Puerto Rico and a M.A in Latin American and Iberian Cultures, Columbia University. Her interests include Iberian, Caribbean, and Mediterranean cultural production, travel narratives, chronicles, and piracy from 15th to 17th centuries.

Academic Statement

I regard the learning process as an interactive and collective activity where students and professors, without the restrictions of hierarchical structures in the classroom, may discuss ideas and exchange diverse perspectives. As a Spanish language and content teacher, my goal is twofold: to develop reading, speaking, and writing abilities, along with fostering analytical and argumentative skills. This two fold approach allow students to perceive and begin to understand the ample and heterogeneous Hispanic world from a complex and multilayered viewpoint. For every class, I design activities and employ various teaching strategies mindful of their interests and needs. Within this atmosphere, I aim to encourage students to explore beyond their own limits by promoting their own agency, thus expanding their creativity and bringing self challenge into the equation.