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MIME Colloquium | Disciplines (Quixotic Disciplines + Teresa at 500)


This is the schedule for the Colloquium on Disciplines (Quixotic; Teresa at 500) that will take place on Saturday, October 31st at Columbia University. Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures. Casa Hispánica, room 201. From 10am.

In the context of the Seminar “The Book and the Disciplines: Histories of the Book”, we are organizing the MIME Colloquium on Disciplines (Quixotic Disciplines + Teresa at 500). You will find below the tentative schedule. Papers are pre-circulated, and will be available to those who intend to participate in this public seminar. If you want to participate in this seminar and join in the conversation, you are most than welcome; in that case, send us at email at The seminar will take place at Columbia University, 612 W11th St. (Casa Hispánica), New York, NY, 10027, room 201, on October 31st, 2015.

Breakfast: 9:30-10:00



  • Anthony Cardenas Rotunno, University of New Mexico. “Quixotic Enterprises: Editing and Translating the Writings of Teresa de Cartagena.” Respondent: Yanchen Liu.
  • Brad Nelson, Concordia University. “Poet or Pimp? Theatricality and Sex Crimes in Lope and Cervantes.” Respondent: Nicole Basile.
  • Carmela Mattza, Louisiana State University. “Don Quijote en la cueva de Montesinos: anotaciones desde la geografía emocional.” Respondent: Lexie Cook.

Coffee break: 11:30-11:45

  • Ana Garriga Espino, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. “Ha sido fuerza reservar de la imprenta muchos párrafos”: the editorial challenge of Teresa of Avila’s letters.” Respondent: Iria Ameixeiras.
  • Luis Girón-Negrón, Harvard University. “‘Ya, ya se abren las flores’: la lírica de Santa Teresa en la historia literaria de la mística cristiana.” Respondent: Juan David Cadena.

Lunch: 12:45-1:45



  • Fabien Montcher, Saint Louis University. “Un-Disciplined Antiquarianism in Cervantes’ Don Quijote.” Respondent: Miguel Ibáñez Aristondo.
  • Jennifer Darrell, King’s College. “The Joke’s on Them: Barataria and the Breakdown of Boundaries.” Respondent: Noel Blanco Mourelle.
  • Or Hasson, Harvard University. “On the Threshold of the Madhouse, On the Threshold of the Book: Cervantes and the Medical View of Madness.” Respondent: Brian Wright.
  • Jacques Lezra, NYU. “Sovereignty or Translation: Sancho’s Decisions.” Respondent: Noel Blanco Mourelle.

Cava break: 3:45-4:00



  • Alvaro Molina, Virginia Commonwealth University. “On Fame and Its Discontents: Quixotic Metafiction in HBO’s 2005-2015 The Comeback.” Respondent: Alexandra Méndez.
  • Elena Deanda, Washington College. “Quixotic Sade: Rewriting Cervantes from the Donjon.” Respondent: Jesús R. Velasco.
  • Almudena Vidorreta Torres, CUNY , The Graduate Center. “Erotic Desire, Ecstasy and Mystery:
Re-reading Teresa de Jesús in Twentieth-Century Latin American Women Writers.” Respondent: Alexandra Mitchell.
  • Veronica Mayer, Yale University. “The Metaerotics of Teresa of Avila in her child, Unamuno’s Teresa.” Respondent: Jesús R. Velasco.

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