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Andalusian Iberias: From Spanish to Iberian Literature


In sharing my strategies for helping undergraduates to think critically about medieval and early modern Iberia, on the one hand, and about argument and evidence, on the other hand, this essay is a meditation on pedagogy. It is also an assessment of the importance and challenges of comparative and interdisciplinary scholarship more generally.

Kimmel, Seth. “Andalusian Iberias: From Spanish to Iberian Literature.” In Teaching Medieval and Early Modern Cross-Cultural Encounters, 21-35, 229-230. Edited by Karina F. Attar and Lynn Shutters. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. Print.

This essay outlines the goals, content, and pedagogical techniques of my “Andalusian Iberias” undergraduate seminar. Employing Spanish literature and culture as a gateway into the Iberian Peninsula’s religious and linguistic diversity, the course is both an introduction to the medieval and early modern period and an exploration of competing methodologies for comparative scholarship. Students practice formulating research questions about the peninsula’s complex history, and they hone their attention to the different philological, archival, formal, and thematic evidence that might help to answer such questions.

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