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Cartography of the Hispanic Baroque


Entry on "Cartography" for the Lexikon of Hispanic Baroque. Ricardo Padrón authored the part on "Spain", and Alessandra Russo that on "Hispanic America".

Russo, Alessandra “Cartography: Spanish America” (pair entry on “Cartography” with Ricardo Padrón) for the Lexikon of the Hispanic Baroque: Technologies of a Transatlantic Culture, Editors: Kenneth Mills and Evonne Levy, Austin, Texas University Press, 2013, pp. 28-32. Print.

“Modern maps and mapping transformed the image of the world in close simultaneity of the expansion projects of the Spanish and Portuguese Crowns throughout the planet. From the beginning of the sixteenth century, Iberian cartography became an extra-peninsula practice that allowed both the makers and the viewers to “see” territories, spaces, and lands in new geographical, political, and aesthetic terms…”

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