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Diego de Valera, artista microliterario


Since I first read Jacques Le Goff's seminal book on medieval intellectuals, I have wondered whether there were something similar to "public intellectuals" in the Middle Ages. To respond partially to this question, I suggest a reading of some works of Diego de Valera (1412-1482), and I suggest the notion of "microliterary artist."

Rodríguez-Velasco, Jesús. “Diego de Valera, artista microliterario.” Cristina Moya García, ed. Diego de Valera. Entre las armas y las letras. Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, Tamesis Books, 2014: 81-102. Print.

What is a public intellectual in the Late Middle Ages, and in manuscript culture? The very concept of “public intellectual” seems to be of difficult application in this case. As part of my project on glossed manuscripts in the Late Middle Ages, I propose here the notion of “microliterary artits” to refer to some authors glossing their own work. In this article, I present the case of Diego de Valera (1412-1482).

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