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“No milagro, milagro”: The Early Modern Art of Effective Ritual


This short essay on the representation of ritual in Golden Age literature appeared in a MLN "critical cluster" on early modern Spain edited by Harry Sieber and William Egginton.

Kimmel, Seth. “‘No Milagro, Milagro’: The Early Modern Art of Effective Ritual.” MLN (Hispanic Issue) 128.2 (2013): 433-44. Print.

In this essay, I demonstrate that when Calderón, Lope de Vega, Cervantes, and other seventeenth-century Spanish authors introduced characters aware of their own fictional status, or when they represented scenes of theatrical and literary production, they often did so to underscore the shared conventions of art and ritual rather than to exaggerate the conflicts between them. Key to this story are the multiple meanings and uses of “industria.”

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