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Plebeyos márgenes. Ficción, industria de derecho y ciencia literaria (siglos XIII-XIV)


Why did legal theory and practice elevated fiction to become one of the main epistemological and heuristic devices of legal writing and legislation? How did this sort of fiction contributed to the creation of an industry of the legal book? How did this industry become in contact with literary theories and practices? Why is all that important at all? These are some of the questions explored in this book.

Rodríguez-Velasco, Jesús. Plebeyos Márgenes: Ficción, Industria del Derecho y Ciencia Literaria, Siglos XIII- XIV. Salamanca: Seminario de Estudios Medievales y Renacentistas, 2011. Print.

The present book is divided in three sections. Firstly, I show what the industry and practice of marginal writing entail, in order to highlight their connection to some of the most important social and political transformations taking place in Europe during the late Middle Ages. Secondly, I  analyze the theory and practice of the fictio legis as a useful action. Finally, in the third section I  show how the juridical project triggered the need to develop a project related to the proposal of a scientific institution of literature, focusing on the particular case of jurist and writer Giovanni Boccaccio.

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