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The Act: Psychoanalysis and/in its Effects, special Issue of (a): a journal of culture and the unconscious


By alluding to psychoanalysis and and in its effects, the present issue attempts to define and analyze the effects of the unconscious on the social scene in its ethical and critical, theoretical dimensions. If in one sense the act opens a space in which the unconscious can mark its ethical effect on the collective at the impasse of the social order, in another, it marks “the passage to a limit” internal to psychoanalytic theory and inherent to the unconscious as its object of study. Co-edited with Andrew Bielski.

Bielski, Andrew and Karen Benezra, eds. The Act: Psychoanalysis and/in its Effects. Spec. issue of (a): a journal of culture and the unconscious 9.1 (2013-14): 1-91. Print.

This special issue contains essays first presented as talks at the Cornell Psychoanalysis Reading Group Conference held from March 7-8, 2013.

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