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The Global Before Globalization


An OCTOBER roundtable.

Barry Flood, David Joselit, Alex Nagel, Alessandra Russo, Eugene Wang, Chris Wood, Mimi Yiengpruksawan, “The Global before Globalization”, OCTOBER – (MIT Press), 133 (Summer 2010), pp. 3-19. Print.

David Joselit: “The term “globalization” is often used loosely and with a “presentist” bias, which assumes that an international or even global consciousness belongs exclusively to the modern era, or even just the last ten or fifteen years. But the notion of inter-regional or international exchange is hardly new—in fact it has been experienced at different scales practically from the beginning of human history. So I thought it might be interesting for modernists to hear from major scholars in the late-medieval and early-modern periods about how these concepts function in their areas of expertise and also to reflect on how or whether the term “globalization” has in fact migrated back into early modern histories on account of its prestige among modernists, or whether modernists have just seized upon a methodological perspective that has been in use for a very long time in art history…”

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