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Tratamiento de la combinatoria léxica en documentos de referencia y curriculares: el caso del MCER y del PCIC


In this article we aim to analyze and discuss how the Common European Framework of Reference and the Cervantes Institute Curriculum treat lexical combinatorics, and in particular collocations amongst other lexical units. Find the clues given on this aspect in the reference and curricular documents is of special interest because they are handled by teachers, evaluators and material creators and the indications offered have a major impact on beliefs within the educational community. The detailed reading of those documents shows that the CEFR does not give a systematic or rigorous treatment to collocations and idiomaticity is often attributed to more advanced levels of mastery. In the PCIC we observe that while a particular way of presenting lexical collocations is chosen in the introductory pages, it falls in some inconsistencies along the inventory.

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