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Zonas Ciegas. Populismo y experimentos culturales en Argentina


In the frame of aesthetics and politics in Argentinian culture, the book reflects on nationalism, early films, Borges´s literature, democracy and culture, César Aira´s experiments and contemporary scenarios.

Montaldo, Graciela R. Zonas ciegas: populismos y experimentos culturales en Argentina. Buenos Aires: Fondo de Cultura Económica de Argentina, 2010. Print.

The topic of the book is studying the relationship between Aesthetics and Politics, its genealogy and the updated discussions on the field. In Latin American culture this relationship was crucial during the twentieth century; during modernity most of the works of the main contemporary artists update political potentialities of art and Aesthetics. The book reviews both aspects: the theoretical reflection and the new works. From Benjamin, Althusser, Debord to Badiou, Zizek, Rancière, Negri I discuss the constellation of problems around Aesthetics and Politics: Modernity, Avant-Garde, Representation, Revolution, Commitement, Materialy and Immateriality in Art, Mimesis and Institutions, Artists and Intellectuals. In Argentinian context, I explore the problematic position of nationalism, new cultural actors, new values and tastes.

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