Advanced Language Through Content: Drawing and Writing in Latin America


This SPAN 3300 course has been designed to promote an intense exposure to advanced Spanish. Argumentation, narration, description, and exposition, among others, are the primary genres included in the syllabus. Students will explore the content through readings, academic writing, and oral practice, also focusing on relevant aspects of grammar, discourse and vocabulary.

What is the relationship between drawing and writing? Is it possible to write and draw at the same time? Is calligraphy a way of drawing letters? How does a literary work incorporate forms of visual media, such as comics and cartoons? And how are these crossings affected by political context? In this Advanced Language Through Content course we will engage with novels, short stories, art works, comics, animated films and cartoons that problematize our ways of thinking about the relationship between writing and drawing in the context of Modern Latin America. Moreover, we will explore how authors and artists as a way of actively participating in heated political debates often used these inter-medial works.

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