Black Mothers and Black Boats: Lusophone Formations of Gender, Race and Nation


The class will be conducted in Portuguese with the objective of improving oral abilities in Portuguese as well as comprehension and writing skills. We take as our archive of study the unfolding iterations of gender, sexuality, race and nation as they emerge through popular culture.

This course will be taught in Portuguese. This class offers productive comparisons of popular culture and differing formations of nationalism in the Portuguese-speaking world that take the intersections of gender, race and sexuality into account. Music, performances, film and literature that have been at different times celebrated, marginalized or criminalized will locate bodies of people and culture, and the genres within which they emerge or are occluded, to consider how they matter to/through the nation.

Our archive is contemporary popular culture. Our goal is to improve our abilities in Portuguese while expanding our knowledge of the diverse cultures of the Lusophone world. To do so, we will be attentive to the ways in which gender, race, and nation play out in popular culture. From recognizable repertoires of song and dance to unfolding iterations of feminist, queer, gay and trans subjectivities, we will approach Brazil, Angola, Portugal, Mozambique and the vast Portuguese-speaking diaspora as part of a broader conjuncture of transcultural and circum-Atlantic encounter. Texts will be made available through Canvas/Courseworks or online.

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