An intensive elementary language course in Portuguese with emphasis on Brazilian culture through multimedia materials related to culture and society in contemporary Brazil.

This is an intensive course for advanced Spanish speakers (native / near native with a good command of Spanish grammar) that provide a comprehensive approach to the Portuguese Language. Comparisons between Spanish and Portuguese phonological systems, grammar and vocabulary will explore differences and similarities between the two languages. Emphasis will be given to grammar, pronunciation, composition writing, reading, music and classroom oral communication.


  1.  José Antonio Castellanos-Pazos: Grammar and Exercises Supplement (Course Packet).
  2. Castellanos-Pazos José Antonio, Huback Ana Paula, Moreira Ricardo Antônio : Gramática básica do português brasileiro.


Course requirements. The daily class assignments are listed on the web course syllabus. You are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the material for each day BEFORE going to class. Homework is to be handed in on the day stated on the syllabus. Late or incomplete homework will NOT be credited. Pronunciation, comprehension and grammar exercises will be done through some Brazilian songs on the internet through Courseworks. Oral exercises, also for pronunciation, will appear in the Syllabus section of Courseworks. You must correct your own homework with the answers given in Gramática básica.   Use pencil first and then a different color ink for the corrections.  

Class attendance and participationDepartmental Policy on Absences You are expected to attend all classes throughout the semester. The Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures has an across-the-board policy on class absences. Students enrolled in courses that meet three times a week who have four (4) unexcused absences or more will see their final grade reduced by one full letter grade. Students enrolled in courses that meet two times a week who have three (3) unexcused absences or more will see their final grade reduced by one letter grade. In courses that meet only once a week two (2) unexcused absences will lead to a grade reduction of one letter grade. An excused absence is an absence due to a religious holiday or one for which you can provide some form of written justification from a physician or dean. You should not interpret this policy as entitling you to a given number of free absences from class. You should see it as a hedge against illness and other unforeseen circumstances that may make it impossible for you to attend class. Academic Integrity The Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures fully supports and adheres to all Columbia University policies and procedures regarding academic dishonesty (plagiarism, fabrication, cheating, etc.). The work you submit in this class is expected to be your own. If you submit work that has been copied from any published or unpublished source (including the Internet) without attribution, that has been prepared by someone other than you, or that in any way misrepresents somebody else’s work as your own you will face disciplining by the university. It is expected that all students abide by the university’s Code of Academic Integrity: and that they refrain from any activity constitutive of academic dishonesty as defined therein. For additional information, visit the section on Academic Integrity in the College and University Policies: or consult your instructor in the event of any uncertainty on your part about what may constitute academic dishonesty.


Quizzes and examsThere will be five quizzes during the sessionNo make-up quizzes will be givenBe sure to attend class the day of the quiz. There will be a Midterm and a Final exam. You are also required to participate in discussions in class and two oral presentations in a group.

Compositions3 Compositions of a full page minimum, double space and typed  are to be handed in their first version on specific days recorded in the calendar. The second version is to be handed the class after you receive the first version with symbols for corrections.

  1. 5 Quizes                   20%
  2. 3 Compositions       15%
  3. Midterm                   15%
  4. Participation            20%
  5. 2 Presentations        10%
  6. Final                          20%

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SPAN UN2102 or equivalent, or permission from the department. For students unable to dedicate the time needed to cover two semesters in one, the regular paced courses (PORT UN1101-UN1102) are preferable. May be taken in place of PORT UN1101-UN1102. Recommended for students who have studied Spanish or another Romance language. The equivalent of two full semesters in elementary Portuguese grammar with stress on reading and conversation.