Comprehensive Intermediate Portuguese


This course discusses contemporary issues based on articles from Lusophone newspapers and magazines. Students will review grammar, expand their vocabulary and improve oral expression, writing, and reading skills. They will also be exposed to audiovisual material that will deepen their understanding of Lusophone societies and cultures.


Comprehensive Intermediate Portuguese focuses on three main points: Brazilian culture, advanced grammar and language practice. Students will be required to prepare and read materials on selected topics, as assigned by the instructor. This course has many group activities. Therefore, students should come to class willing to participate and cooperate with their peers.

PORT 2120 encompasses two semesters of Portuguese courses in only one. You should take this course knowing beforehand that it will present a workload heavier than a regular Portuguese course, and students are expected to dedicate twice as much time to homework assignments and graded activities. Strong dedication and commitment are required from the students. Grades A are reserved for outstanding work.


At the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand the main points in texts written in standard language when they deal with familiar issues;
  • Produce texts about familiar themes;
  • Describe experiences, events, wishes, aspirations, and feelings, as well as justify opinions and explain future plans;
  • Control the habitual mechanisms of communication;
  • Give messages to others;
  • Understand and give opinions about different types of text.

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Elementary Portuguese II or Portuguese for Spanish Speakers


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