Elementary Portuguese I


A beginning course designed for students who wish to start their study of Portuguese and have no proficiency in another Romance language. The four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing are developed at the basic level.


Contents for the course will reflect the contents of the textbook (up to chapter 7). However, adaptations will be made according to the students’ interests and learning process.


At the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand and produce common sentences used to satisfy immediate needs.
  • Introduce others and myself and ask and answer questions about personal information such as where I live, people I know and things I have.
  • Interact in a simple manner with people who speak clearly, slowly, and are willing to cooperate.
  • Understand simple and short written and audiovisual texts in Portuguese.

Listening (Ouvir)

  • Recognize basic utterances related to oneself, to daily life, and immediate environment.
  • Listen and understand the plot of a short film in Portuguese.

Speaking (Falar)

  • Use simple utterances and expressions to describe my immediate surroundings and myself, as well as describe people who I know and their immediate environment.

Interacting (Interagir)

  • Give and inquire about basic personal information.
  • Introduce myself and introduce others.
  • Maintain a social interaction with a cooperative speaker who communicates slowly and wants to be understood.
  • Plan, ask, and answer simple questions related to immediate needs and daily life questions.

Mediating (Mediar)

  • Interpret daily life situations such as introductions, basic interactions inside the classroom, and shopping.

Reading (Ler)

  • Understand words and simple sentences like the ones found on posters, signs, and catalogs.
  • Understand the general meaning of short contemporary literary texts.

Writing (Escrever)

  • Write simple descriptive short texts.
  • Fill out a personal data form.

Graded Assignments

Chapter note (5 points)

Each student will choose one book chapter and write notes on the grammar topics and vocabulary studied there. The notes will serve as a study guide for the chapter. Creativity and originality of the presentation are the main criteria for grading the chapter notes.

Quizzes (5 quizzes – 1 point each)

The five quizzes will be taken in class. Grammar topics and vocabulary will be covered.

Compositions (2 compositions – 10 points each)

The instructor will assign two written compositions during the semester. Instructions on that will be given as the turn-in dates approach. While writing your compositions, please do not ask anyone for help, as the purpose of the compositions is to evaluate your knowledge of the Portuguese language.

Oral Presentations (2 presentations – 7+8 points)

Each student will be required to deliver two oral presentations. Instructions on the presentations will be given throughout the semester.

Pronunciation recordings (2 recordings – 5 points each)

Student will record the pronunciation of specific segments in Brazilian Portuguese. The professor will practice the pronunciation with the students beforehand.

Participation (5 points)

Students who attend all classes and turn in all their homework assignments will receive 5 points of participation.

Midterm Exam (15 points)

Final Exam (25 points)

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