Intermediate Portuguese I


In Intermediate Portuguese I, students will explore more advanced topics in Portuguese. Grammar focus will be on the Subjunctive mood, as well as on compound verb tenses. Readings on several topics on the Lusophone World will be assigned. In class there will be discussions about videos and readings. Students are expected to work in pairs or small groups every class.

1. Goals

At the end of this course students should be able to:

  • Understand the main points in texts written in standard language when they deal with familiar issues;
  • Produce texts about familiar themes;
  • Describe experiences, events, wishes, aspirations, and feelings, as well as justify opinions and explain future plans;
  • Control the habitual mechanisms of communication;
  • Give messages to others;
  • Understand and give opinions about different types of text.

2. Office Hours

Students are encouraged to visit the instructor throughout the semester to work on their difficulties, discuss their performance in the course, seek orientation in the language learning process and explore professional/academic/personal possibilities involving Portuguese and the Portuguese-speaking world. If you need to use office hours, make sure you have specific questions to discuss with me. Please let me know by 4 p.m. that you plan to come to my office hours. It is the student’s responsibility to seek help from the instructor during office hours promptly in case further explanation is needed.

3. Portuguese Conversation

Once a week, the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures holds a one-hour Portuguese conversation at Casa Hispánica. Our conversations are usually very relaxing and casual. People just meet each other and chat about any topic that they want. Coffee and cookies are served. I will inform the students as soon as we have a date and time for the conversations this semester.

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Elementary Portuguese II or Portuguese for Spanish Speakers.


PORT 2101 has a course packet that will cover most of the topics that will be studied throughout the semester. According to the students’ needs, however, new materials will be added or excluded from the course packet.