Queer Sexualities in Brazil


Who is queer in Brazil? Is queer a valid word for understanding local experiences? This course intends to understand cultural practices related to gender and sexuality in Brazil.

This course is intended to offer an exploration of issues related to sexuality and gender through cultural phenomena manifested in fiction, music, film and other types of media, in today’s Brazilian society. This course aims at discussing topics related to Queer Representations in Brazilian Cinema, Music, Television, Arts and Literature; the Gay Movement and Liberation. Also, questions regarding terminology among other important topics for one to get a better understanding of sexual politics and sexuality(ies) in Brazil. It will be discussed a wide variety of genres from colloquial to formal texts, revisiting visual arts, cinema, literature, journalism and others.

The topics above will serve as the organizing principle to review advanced points of Portuguese grammar and structure through written and oral practice, along with an introduction to the basic principles of academic composition in Portuguese, particularly those attaining academic writing and personal fiction.

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