This reading and translation course is designed for graduate students in GSAS who are preparing to take the Reading Proficiency Exam in Spanish or who wish to perform research in the Spanish language.

This Spanish-language reading and translation course is designed for graduate-level research in the arts and sciences. The course focuses on reading comprehension and translation into English and includes a grammar and vocabulary overview. It also addresses the differences between English and Spanish syntax and raises questions of idiomatic versus literal translations. The speaking, listening, and writing aspects of studying Spanish are minimal in this course in comparison with the multi-year language program. After one semester, students will be able to comprehend and translate a variety of written materials into English, including historical documents, literary texts, newspaper articles, and scholarly essays. Several classes are conducted as translation workshops and students have the opportunity to propose for translation a text from their field of research.

This course is only offered to graduate students in GSAS and primarily intends to prepare them for the Reading Proficiency Exam in Spanish, which many departments accept as fulfillment of the foreign-language proficiency requirement. A grade of A- or higher in this class also satisfies the foreign language requirement of several programs. Students with any level of Spanish are welcome.

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