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Space Grammar of Spanish: A Cognitive-Operational Approach to Communication


This course is aimed at all those interested in the grammar of Spanish, either from the theoretical point of view of grammatical meaning, either from the practical point of view of language teaching and learning. Participants will be invited to consider the natural logic behind the apparent arbitrariness of most of the problematic issues of Spanish grammar, and to extend and formulate it in pedagogical terms. The most visible originality of the course lies in their cognitive and operational approach. The former implies the definition of grammatical meanings in terms of spatial perception and representation. The later entails a strong hypothes

From a cognitive and operational point of view, this course wants to reflect on the theoretical and, mainly, practical limits of traditional grammar explanations, contributing with a new meaningful, experiential and representational understanding of Spanish as a human mean of communication. Within this framework, some of the most representative aspects of the grammar of Spanish will be studied from a fully practical perspective, favoring the comparison with the grammar of English. In each case, the reflection will lead to turn the traditional rules with their exceptions into operational laws, as well as to highlight the natural logic underlying every single grammar decision in the use of language. Students will be required to:

Attend lectures in a participatory way.

  • Read a selection of articles to get prepared for class (selection of titles under “Bibliography and Webgraphy” below).
  • Perform investigations on some concrete grammar issues using internet texts and tools.
  • Apply this knowledge in the most practical form possible: grammar teaching-learning material creation and lecturing (in-class presentations).

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