Recent social, cultural, and political developments since the beginning of the millennium have made it clear that the role of the state in guaranteeing basic services, assuring security, or policing the population, has come under acute scrutiny. The last decade has been marked by a global tide of uprisings, riots, occupations, street protests, and other forms of insurrection that no longer seek to take control of the state but attempt to change the world without taking power.

We will study this new insurrectionary moment in a variety of contexts, from Europe and the USA to the sometimes parallel and sometimes antagonistic tendencies in the “pink tide” of leftist, centrist, or populist governments in Latin America. Our main focus will be on Mexico. Not limiting ourselves to the present, we will also delve into a genealogy of insurrectional and communal forms of doing politics in Latin America, from the time of conquest to the moment of independence and beyond.

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