Advanced Language Through Content: Two cultures, One Country: Islamic and Christian Influences in Spain Across Time


An intensive exposure to advanced points of Spanish grammar and structure through written and oral practice, along with an introduction to the basic principles of academic composition in Spanish. Each section is based on the exploration of an ample theme that serves as the organizing principle for the work done in class. This course is required for the major and the concentration in Hispanic Studies unless exemption is granted by the Director of the Language Programs or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

BLENDED LEARNING EDITION: Granada in the south, Santiago de Compostela in the north, both cities are impressive bastions of culture and witnesses to the centuries-long pull between the Christian and Islamic worlds. Through the exploration of these two cities as landmarks of the course, we will examine history, architecture, literature, religion, culture, music, or tourism to consider the repercussions of both cultures in today’s Spain. There will be a varied range of genres and materials used from a blended learning and flipped classroom perspective: videos, newspaper articles, classic literary works, architectural essays, or music. Collaborative work for in-and-out-of-class discussions will be constant throughout the semester. Advanced grammar usage, further development of writing skills, and fluency in oral interaction will be integrated goals within the course’s content.

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Fulfillment of the Language Requirement.