Visual Cultures and Ethnicities of Latin America


This undergraduate hybrid digital media course wherein students will learn digital software and digital literacy from a humanist perspective. Please note: This class meets once a week on Tuesdays from 1:10-4pm.

This course is a comparative study of the cultures and ethnicities of Latin America, with a focus on understanding the diverse ethnicities and histories of Latin America. Course readings, in-class mapping workshops, field trips, and discussions will be paired with readings about visual and cultural production in a Latin American context.

Alongside readings and class discussions, students will develop their own research projects that explore how visual culture, artistic practice, and performance have interrupted state politics of recognition through demanding accountability for state violence, invisibilized memories and silenced histories. Through creating digital mapping projects, students will explore a plurality of artistic creation from Latin America. This is a hybrid digital media class. In addition to class discussion, in-class sessions also include digital media labs, where students will learn various digital mapping software programs and gain literacies in digital media.

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