Fall at Casa Hispánica

These are exciting times at the Hispanic Institute for Latin American & Iberian Cultures. We are delighted to announce a new annex to Casa Hispánica—this very webpage. We hope you visit regularly for detailed information about upcoming events and news, and even to share your thoughts.

On September 11, we hosted our first event, with Horacio Legrás, who talked about photography in the Mexican Revolution, and on September 26 and 27 we co-hosted (together with the Center for Ethnomusicology, ILAS, and Barnard)  a two-day conference on the voice.

Next week, on October 15, we hope that you will join us for a conversation between Graciela Speranza (Tinker visiting professor), Andreas Huyssen, and Liliana Porter.

The following month, on November 13, in the context of the colloquium on the history of the book, we will be pleased to present Seth Kimmel, who will give a talk on the catalogue as a map in the library of Ferdinand Columbus.

Should you be unable to make it to Casa Hispánica, you may still watch our events on our YouTube channel. And as always, for additional information, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Please check in regularly for updates. We look forward to seeing you—both at Casa Hispánica and here, at our new website.

Last Updated 6 years ago