NYU and Columbia Graduate Student Conference: Call for Papers

The graduate students of NYU and Columbia University, Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures, are proud to announce our annual conference Beyond the Table: The Politics of Eating to be held on April 27 and 28, 2018, at the Casa Hispánica of Columbia University. Please  contact  sobremesa.conference@gmail.com for questions and submissions.

The submission deadline has been extended to February 15, 2018.

Keynote Speaker: Sonia Montecino Aguirre (University of Chile).

What happens when the means of production and distribution influence our relationship to

food? How are processes such as rituals, communal memories, and processes of mestizaje

manifested through food?

Swallowing, digesting or devouring: but also incorporating and partaking. Since long before

the conquest, the diverse culinary repertoire of Latin America and Spain has provided a set

of recipes that both project and commercialize the Hispanic world, as well as contribute to

ways of living and forms of community. The act of eating articulates the dimensions of the

body and the sensorial with collective processes of resistance, indigestion, subversion, and

creation that often cannot be translated into verbal or visual languages.

By examining cooking, we can unveil the behavior, values, and segregations that occur in a

particular society: how food is distributed, who eats what, how much is eaten, who and how

many get a seat at the table. Eating and drinking together is as much an act of social

cohesion and mutual recognition as it is a mechanism that expresses different forms of

hierarchy and exclusion. We consider eating an event that opens a space of physical and

verbal coexistence that can (or cannot) suspend the present imperative of production.

We invite you to share your current research in an unorthodox format: The first ten minutes

of the presentation will be for your articulation of your questions in relation to your

materials. The rest of the time (30 minutes) will be for conversation and group discussions.

Proposals should be no more than 250 words and include the author’s name, institutional

affiliation and contact information. Papers in Spanish, Portuguese, or English are welcome.

Please submit your proposals to sobremesa.conference@gmail.com by January 30, 2018.

Annual NYU-Columbia Graduate Conference

Casa Hispánica, Columbia University

Possible conference topics include:

• Gender and food/cooking

• Antropophagy and cannibalism

• Hunger and the market

• Biopolitics

• Recycling and waste

• Dietetics and self-management

• Restoration, tourism and gentrification

• Subversion, and transgression

• Historical manifestations, aesthetic manifestations

• Affect, body, community

• Spatiality, temporality

• Food in film, literature, visual arts, media

• Narcissism and fetishization of food: projections of the self

• Precariousness and immigration

• Memory, identity, mestizaje

• The chef as artist, the dish as work of art

• Religion, race, transculturation

• Religious ceremonies and festivities

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