Spaces of Exception—Geographies of Injustice

October 6 @ 12:10 pm – 6:25 pm We invite you to the launch of an event of Geographies of Injustice, a working group of interdisciplinary scholars interested in asking how spatial politics intersects with inequality and social difference (race, caste, gender, and ethnicity). This event is co-sponsored by LCBS

Please join us on the evening of Friday, Oct. 5th, with a keynote conversation between Denise Ferreira da Silva and Priti Ramamurthy on the politics of dispossession in Brazil and India. On Saturday, Oct. 6th, we will start with a closed-door workshop with Denise Ferreira da Silva and Priti Ramamurthy on their keynotes the previous evening; later, we will host a conversation between New York City Council member Ritchie Torres and Emmy Award-winning journalist Janus Adams, followed by talks by Professor Vivek Bald and artist/cultural strategist Ebony Noelle Golden. See below for full schedule and details.

If you wish to attend the brunch and closed workshop on Oct. 6th, please RSVP.

MORE INFORMATION HERE:…/spaces-of-exception-…/2018-10-06/

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