The Disciplines, to Scale: Bibliography between Spain and Italy

You are kindly invited to the second event of the “Italian and Mediterranean Colloquium” of Spring 2018, organized by Pier Mattia Tommasino and Konstantina Zanou in the Department of Italian at Columbia University.

Seth Kimmel (LAIC, Columbia University)

The Disciplines, to Scale: Bibliography between Spain and Italy

The Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary,

March 8, 2018 6:30pm

Conference Room (3rd floor)

Entrance: 121st and Broadway

Respondent: Erin Rowe (John Hopkins, and IAS 2017-2018)

Moderator: Pier Mattia Tommasino (Italian, Columbia University)

When sixteenth-century Iberian humanists such as Juan Páez de Castro, Juan Bautista Cardona, Benito Arias Montano, and Antonio Agustín imagined what King Philip II’s royal library- eventually established during 1560s and 1570s in San Lorenzo as part of the Escorial monastery complex- ought to look like, they invoked Italian models. Foremost on their minds was the Vatican library, whose decoration, architecture, heating technology, and, especially, bibliographic organization they hoped to imitate. The ceiling frescos of the liberal arts realized in the Escorial’s main reading room by Pellegrino Tibaldi likewise evoked a visual taxonomy of knowledge that was indebted to Italian models. In studying the Escorial’s bibliographic vision across a variety of media and scales, my paper examines the details as well as the limits of this indebtedness.

The event is co-presented in collaboration with The Burke Library, Columbia University

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