Introduction to the Inagural Issue of Singladuras

Singladuras 1.1: “Theory (in) Place,” borrows its title from the Graduate NYU – Columbia conference held at the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures in April 2014. This inaugural issue features two salient examples of that insightful conversation, as judged by the editors. “Theory (in) Place” brought forth the problems, challenges, and potential that Iberian, Hispanic, and Lusophone cultures and spaces pose to critical theory, specifically tensions between the particular and the universal in different areas of study.

This inaugural issue has a wonderful range of contributions from students, artists, and professors. We are thrilled to include the keynote article “What is To Be Dreamed? On the Uncommon Saying: That May be Correct in Practice, But Not of Use in Theory,” by Bruno Bosteels (Cornell University). This article deftly reflects upon theory in relation to practice in ways that move beyond traditional approaches of “applying” theory to practice. In tune with Bosteels’s thinking about theory, Javier Fernández Galeano’s article “Victorian Pornography, Censorship, the Nation-state and the Masculinity in Franco’s Spain” challenges particular theoretical frameworks—Anderson’s and Said’s, among others—to address national masculine politics during Franco’s Dictatorship. Valeria Rey de Castro, in her article “Buscando a un padre desaparecido. Memorias disidentes de la Argentina Kirchernista en Soy un bravo piloto de la nueva China de Ernesto Pemán” rethinks Argentine historical memory in the wake of alternative histories. This first volume also launches two creative pieces: an interview with Argentine artist, poet, and translator Cecilia Pavón, conducted by Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman, and a photo essay by Mexican photojournalist  Rodrigo Jardón.

As the editors of this very first volume, we would like to acknowledge the 2015 Singladuras Editorial Board, a group of committed students who actively engaged with our first submissions. We hope you enjoy reading these fantastic pieces that signal our first approach toward engaging with the following contributions.

—Alexandra Méndez, David Mejía, and Marta Ferrer

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Marta Ferrer, David Mejia and Alexandra Méndez, « Introduction », Journal of Graduate Research, Volume 1.1, Columbia University | LAIC, Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures (online), published on November 12, 2015. Full URL for this article

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