Special Issue: Brazil and/in the Lusophone World


Call for submissions

Special Issue: Brazil and/in the Lusophone World

Portales invites undergraduate students to submit articles for consideration in the context of a special issue on Brazil to be published in the fall of 2016. Contributors are encouraged to write on any theme they choose that connects to the broad topic proposed: Brazil and/in the Lusophone World.

Peer-reviewed and edited independently by undergraduate students at Columbia University, Portales publishes outstanding scholarly or creative work. Submissions for the special issue may be presented in English or in Portuguese. All undergraduate students, irrespective of major or institutional affiliation, are encouraged to submit. Recent graduates are eligible to submit work that they completed as undergraduates. Please send submissions to the managing editor: erferguson@columbia.edu

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Eunice Rodríguez Ferguson, « Special Issue: Brazil and/in the Lusophone World », Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume 2.1, Columbia University | LAIC, Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures (online), published on March 17, 2016. Full URL for this article

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