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Submissions guidelines

PORTALES: The LAIC Undergraduate Journal encourages the submission of both creative and expository student work related to the study of Iberian, Latin American, and Caribbean languages and cultures. Submissions may be presented in English or in any of the languages represented in the aforementioned regions. All undergraduate students, irrespective of major or institutional affiliation, are encouraged to submit. Recent graduates are eligible to submit work they completed as undergraduates.

We welcome the submission of independent research projects, undergraduate theses, and essays, as well as creative pieces, interviews, and nonfiction features on related topics (e.g., reviews of films, cultural events, academic forums, or museum exhibitions). Proposals are considered on a rolling basis, so there are no fixed deadlines for submission. The average article in Portales is approximately 3,000 to 5,000 words in length, but the Editorial Board does not stipulate either a minimum or a maximum word count for consideration. Submissions should be anonymous, in accordance to our double-blind review process, and the preferred format is MS Word.

Please send submissions to the managing editor, Eunice Rodríguez Ferguson (erferguson@columbia.edu).

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Eunice Rodríguez Ferguson, « PORTALES | Submission Guidelines », Journal of Undergraduate Research, Columbia University | LAIC, Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures (online), published on April 20, 2015. Full URL for this article

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