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By the end of the semester of Declaration (usually, the Spring of the sophomore year), students majoring or concentrating in the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures propose an advisor. The Director of Undergraduate Studies helps the student to identify the advisor during a meeting before or short after the Declaration. The advisor can be a professor with whom the student has already worked in a class, or a professor whose research profile is in dialogue with the student’s interest. After LAIC approval, the student will meet with the advisor once in the sophomore year, and at least 3 times per year in the junior and the senior years: at the beginning of the Fall Semester, during the registration period for the Spring courses, and at the end of the Spring semester. The advisor will help the student to select courses, construct research themes, consider studying abroad, assess the work completed abroad, and plan the senior year’s option to write a honors thesis. Additionally, the advisor can assign to the undergraduate student a research consultant among the graduate students. The research consultant will have shared interest with the undergraduate student and will respond to specific queries related to the undergraduate student’s research (such as bibliography, research proposals, academic writing, etc).

List of full-time professors that can be proposed as advisors (as Sept, 2017):

Carlos J. Alonso

Karen Benezra

Bruno Bosteels

Ana Fernández-Cebrián

Patricia Grieve

Seth Kimmel

Ana Paulina Lee

Alberto Medina

Graciela Montaldo

Gustavo Pérez-Firmat

Alessandra Russo

Jesús R. Velasco

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