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Planning Sheets and Forms

The following planning sheets and forms for undergraduates are intended to help students plan their coursework and completion of their chosen program of study, in close dialogue with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). You can fill these forms electronically or complete them by hand.

Please send your up-to-date filled planning sheets at the beginning of each semester to: Luis Carlos Fernández, Academic Coordinator, or bring it by hand.

Major and Concentration Planning Sheets

I. Hispanic Studies:

~ General Advising Sheet for the Hispanic Studies Program (“in a glimpse”). This form provides you with a clear panorama on the number and types of courses you have to complete for the Major, Major with Specialization, or Concentration in Hispanic Studies.

II. Portuguese Studies:

~ Concentration in Portuguese Studies Planning Sheet

III. LAIC Undergraduate Advisor Declaration From:

~ Form

Application Forms

~ Independent Study Application Form

~ Honors Thesis Application

Transfer Credit Forms

~ Transfer Credit for Course from Study Abroad Program

~ Transfer Credit for Course taken outside the LAIC department

Links to CC or GS Declaration Forms

~ Columbia College Major and Concentration Declaration Form

~ Columbia School of General Studies Major and Concentration Declaration Form

~ Columbia College Major/Concentration Declaration Change

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