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Reading Proficiency Examination

Reading proficiency examinations in Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan are offered twice every fall and spring semester to graduate students from and outside the department (see SIPA exception below) who need to show reading and research proficiency in a language as part of their program requirements.

The two-hour exam is based on the translation into English of a scholarly text approximately two pages in length. Please bring your own paper copy of a dictionary, which you can use throughout the exam. Electronic devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.) cannot be used during the exam. Exam takers must register to take the test by calling the department at (212) 854-4187 or by e-mailing Kosmas Pissakos at The student’s home department will be notified of the outcome soon after the test is administered.

SIPA graduate students must take the SIPA proficiency exam, not our departmental exam, and should consult their home department for more information.

Rapid Reading and Translation (SPAN W1113 or PORT W1113): This course is usually offered in the spring semester. Students who complete the class with an A or A- will be exempted from the reading proficiency exam. The student’s home department will be notified of the outcome at the end of the semester. The Fall 2018 reading proficiency exams in Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan will be held early in the spring semester. The days the exam will be administered are:

Friday, September 28th, 10:00am – 12:00pm

Friday, November 2nd, 10:00am – 12:00pm

Room 206

Please be prompt!

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