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Oficina Galego Portuguesa Reading Group

Oficina Galego-Portuguesa is a workshop and research group for those working on sources in Galician and/or Portuguese to share materials and ideas with colleagues; receive feedback in an informal, collaborative setting; and just generally find support for research and teaching. While we do function in some respects as a reading group and copyediting workshop, most of all we offer a space to exchange and collaborate on ongoing research (papers, exam preparation, dissertation projects, articles, creative and translation work, political concerns etc.) on materials and themes related to Lusophone and Galician studies (in its most expansive sense including critiques of lusofonía as an organizing category.)  Our ongoing collective project is the assembly of a glossary of critical concepts, themes, aesthetic objects and images, and historical moments that reflects our diverse interests and serves as a local canon (or conceptual atlas) of Lusophone/Galician studies here. Out of this we are developing a collective bibliography, syllabus and repository of resources for research and teaching. Among our goals for the upcoming year is to engage and dialogue with other researchers in the field, from the U.S. and abroad, through workshops and guest lectures organized on campus and online.

All are welcome. For further information, please contact Iuri Bauler Pereira ( or Lexie Cook (

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