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Applied Pedagogy Workshops – Fall 2015


LAIC is home to many linguists and language specialists who are active researchers and well-known references in fields related to Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics, Language Pedagogy, or Teacher Training, among many others. This monthly workshop series is aimed at the Professional Development of our lecturers and anyone at LAIC interested in language pedagogy, such as our graduate students. The goal of the workshops is to enhance the development of our Language Programs (Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese) by presenting, discussing, and debating pedagogical approaches to foreign language teaching within our Columbia/Barnard classes.

Friday, October 30th

Mercedes Pérez-Serrano (Columbia) - Cómo iniciar una investigación empírica con estudiantes en Columbia y Barnard: mi experiencia con el IRB. Invited speakers to this talk: Gloria Gaines and Marianna Azar, from the Institutional Review Board at Columbia.

Friday, November 20th

Angie Craig-Flórez & Reyes Llopis-García (Columbia) - Creación de iBooks y Blended learning en 3300: presentación de resultados

Friday, December 4th

Isaura Arce (Barnard) - El cine en el aula

All sessions will take place in room 201 at the Casa Hispánica, between 1:10pm and 2:25pm.

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