Ana Luiza de Abreu Claudio

Ana Luiza de Abreu Claudio

Ana Luiza is a Ph.D. student in the Latin American and Iberian Cultures department at Columbia University. She holds a BA in Journalism from the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV, Brazil), and an MA in Social Sciences from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (UFRRJ). Her research focuses on visual arts, performance, artistic collectives, and collective memory from under-represented territories, especially favelas, and indigenous communities. She aims to work with the Latin American feminist visual arts scene and their connections with activism and the geopolitical imagination.

Before Columbia, Ana Luiza worked for 16 years in Art Museums, Consultancy, and NGOs,  as an art-education curator, researcher, teacher, and project coordinator in visual arts, focusing on photography, ecocriticism, education, and memory. She has worked in both public institutions and non-governmental organizations but has also developed partnerships in the private sector. Throughout her career, Ana Luiza developed a variety of projects across Brazil and abroad, including initiatives in the Amazon rainforest, the Cerrado region, Rio’s favelas, the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

She has also participated in efforts in the fields of digital humanities, preservation of material and immaterial cultural heritage, community and popular media, socio-environmental programs, and communications projects.

Before joining Columbia University in the Fall of 2022, Ana Luiza worked for 8 years as the Coordinator of the Social Action department of the Moreira Salles Institute (IMS), one of Brazil's most influential cultural institutions.

Working Group Affiliation

Geographies of Injustice: Gender and the City