PORTALES: The LAIC Undergraduate Journal



PORTALES: The LAIC Undergraduate Journal encourages the submission of both creative and expository student work related to the study of Iberian, Hispanic, Lusophone, Latin American, Latinx, Indigenous, or Caribbean languages and cultures. Ultimately, no explicit guideline limits this connection, such that the relevance of the aforementioned cultures and perspectives in the text is at the author and editors’ discretion.

All undergraduate students, from any academic home, are invited to submit research or artwork. Recent graduates are eligible to submit work they completed as undergraduates. The Editorial Board welcomes the submission of independent research projects and essays as well as creative pieces, interviews, and nonfiction features on related topics (e.g. reviews of films, cultural events, academic forums, or museum exhibitions). Proposals are considered on a rolling basis, so there are no fixed deadlines for submission. In accordance to our double-blind editorial review process, submissions should be anonymous: please do not include your name anywhere in the document of your text (such as in the header or footer). 

Please forward your submission to: [email protected] 

Submission guidelines:

  • Language: your text can be in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, or English.
  • Approximate word count: The average feature in Portales is approximately 1,500 to 5,000 words in length, but the Editorial Board does not stipulate either a minimum or a maximum word count for consideration.
  • Format: Please submit your draft in a Microsoft Word document to allow for the editor’s comments and suggestions. Please provide an abstract (250-300 words) with each submission.
  • Also, please offer a list of 5-10 keywords relevant to your piece to allow for the text’s efficient classification within the journal's archive.