Spring 2021


, 4 pts, UN1120


Intensive, fast-paced elementary Spanish course for multilingual learners who have had little to no formal education in Spanish. Replaces the sequence SPAN UN1101-SPAN UN1102.


Take the Department's Language Placement Examination. (It is only for diagnostic purposes, to assess your language learning skills, not your knowledge of Spanish). 

If you score approximately 330 OR MORE, you may qualify for this course if:

you have had little to no formal education in Spanish, AND 

- you identify with ONE of the following language learner profiles: 

  • Learners of Spanish as a 3rd language: fluent in a language other than English

  • Informal learners of Spanish: English speakers who have “picked up” Spanish by interacting with Spanish speakers in informal settings

  • “Receptive” Spanish heritage learners: English dominant, but you understand Spanish spoken by family and community members

(The exam is only an initial assessment for diagnostic purposes. Your score might be high, even if you have never studied Spanish in a formal setting). 

You do not need my permission to register*. I will further assess your level during the Change of Program period. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you are unsure about your placement in this course.

*Students who do not have the necessary proficiency level may not remain in this course. All Columbia students must take Spanish language courses (UN 1101-3300) for a letter grade.

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TRF 11:40AM-12:55PM ONLINE
Diana Romero